Be Kind Behind the Screen


What was the last human interaction you had that totally made your day?  It could be a simple passing smile, a stranger giving you a compliment, or the barista that made your coffee extra special that morning. How did it feel walking away from the situation? Pretty good, right?

Why are these situations considered exceptions instead of the norm?

To answer that, let’s look at how technology has changed the way we interact. The screens on our cell phones, computers and tablets, create a buffer to the real world.  We can say whatever we want to whoever we want with no immediate consequence.  Today, a few swift taps on a keyboard and click of a mouse, send our thoughts and emotions into cyberspace with the effort and care it takes to swat a fly.  Many times, these are unfiltered thoughts and visceral emotions that yield to sharp criticism of others or their opinions.

On the contrary, someone can give praise just as easily. Take Facebook’s “like” button for example. You have the power to approve of someone’s idea without even talking to the person. You can support someone’s opinion from the opposite side of the world with just a click of a button. Want to learn more about this mysterious entity? Send the person a message or an e-mail! Now you have an instant connection with someone you never would have before. This is a new power for people if you think about it. Let’s use it for good, not evil.

Is anyone coming to mind right now? What if you look at your own social media posts?  If you were in a room of strangers, would you be comfortable saying those things out loud or directly to one’s face? At the end of the day we know what Mom always said is true, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say (or type) anything at all.”

So, what was the last human interaction you had that totally made someone’s day?