Time to Recharge

baby with headphones

Productivity at work or in life is effected by many different factors. One of the subtler factors is your sleeping habits. Sometimes it’s harder to get the right amount of sleep. Luckily, they are many steps you can take to help yourself fix your problem.

  • Take a warm shower. According to Sara Schartz, a writer for, this could help you fall asleep faster. Studies show that “rapid temperature change will prepare you for sleep”. Not to mention that warm showers are a great way to relax your muscles after a long day.
  • Grease up! Oil is essential to getting massages in spa because its’ warmth helps you relax. When you’re getting ready for bed, use oil after a hot bath to moisturize and relax.  By warming it slightly and really massaging it in, you will help relax your muscles.
  • Don’t use your phone as an alarm. Phones are great for many reasons, however, they are not great to bring to bed with you. They will result in you being distract and using it instead of sleeping according to Drake Baer, a writer for Business insider. Use an alarm clock if you need one.
  • Dim the light on your phone or don’t use it. The light from your phone has been proven to keep you up. It makes it harder to fall asleep while also straining your eyes. An hour before bed, use dim light and try to put any screens away: TV, Computer, Phone etc. Whatever you are engaged in right before going to sleep will be picked over in your mind so be sure it’s content that helps you unwind and doesn’t wind you up!
  • Exercise later in the day. After exercising people are often exhausted but continue with the rest of their day. They progressively get less tired but this exhaustion could be put to better use. It could make it easier to fall asleep due to some of the exhaustion still being there from your work out.
  • Counting. No, not sheep. Baer advises that counting backward can help settle your mind. One suggestion is to count backwards from 100 in multiples of three. This brain exercise will distract you from everything else you have to do while helping tire you.

As easy as it is to sacrifice sleep for whatever passion you have, remember that it will catch up to you. You will eventually not be able to sleep at the same time or way which will eventually hurt your productivity in life. Remember, sleeping is the only way to recharge your body.