About Us

Working-Women-Fashion-TipsFranklin Professional Associates is founded on 40 years of experience aligning qualified professionals with organizational needs throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts. With our in-depth local market knowledge, our mission is to empower companies to greatness by connecting them with top talent and resources while effecting positive change in the lives of individuals by offering opportunities and guidance. We are driven to deliver lasting results by genuine concern and mutual investment in the success of the people we serve.

Why the name “Franklin” ?

We get this question often. The goal in naming Franklin Professional Associates was to find a name with real meaning. That meaning was found in the opportunity to pay respects to an entrepreneurial blood line going back to founder, Melissa Glenny’s grandparents. In 1949 they started Franklin Printing Company in their basement. Franklin Printing Company, based in Zanesville, Ohio, thrives today under the leadership of their children and grandchildren.
We choose to fashion our business name after theirs because life is not only about leaving a legacy, but it’s also about recognizing the legacy that was left to you. We’re leading by example in being grateful for what we find and working tirelessly to always leave things in better shape than how we found them. The name Franklin is our daily reminder of this message.