Franklin Professional Associates, Inc. and MindsetGo Partnership Announcement

Franklin Professional Associates, Inc. and MindsetGo Partner to Launch New Approach to Onboarding and Training

Leominster, MA – May 14, 2019 – In a move to create more comprehensive solutions for their client’s onboarding and training programs, Franklin Professional Associates announces a collaborative enterprise with MindsetGo.  Franklin Professional Associates, specializing in staffing and recruiting, is on a mission is to empower companies to greatness by helping them to find and attract top talent while also connecting them with resources to help them fully capitalize on the investments in their workforces.

The MindsetGo and Franklin Professional Associates partnership will focus on delivering content centered on engagement, retention and recruiting strategies for employers.

The MindsetGo mission (, according to Founder and President Mark Altman, “is to address more than just behavior; it is a holistic approach to shift mindsets, inspire the learning process, build confidence, and apply new-found knowledge to both personal and professional lives.”

Franklin Professional Associates, Inc and MindsetGo. will offer customized employee and leadership assessments that synergize with MindsetGo’s training and coaching development programs.  In response to the various challenges for clients and their employees, Franklin Professional Associates and MindsetGo intend to solve ongoing corporate problems like employee engagement and retention.

The 80/20 rule applies here,” says owner, Melissa Glenny. Meaning, 80% of long-term success with a new hire will be determined by the first 20% of the process. Many companies lose some of their best employees because they fail to grasp this. Companies do best when their program involves assessing their internal leadership in addition to each new hire so they can ensure a cultural fit and build a development plan.


MindsetGo (, located in Westborough, MA, specializes in strengthening relationships, incorporating influence and mastering the art of presentation; through training, coaching and motivational speaking.


If you would like more information about Franklin Professional Associates, please contact Melissa Glenny at 508-654-6243 or email