How are people seeing you on Social Media?

In an ever-changing digital landscape, what do you focus on to keep your social engagement strategies innovative and effective in 2019?

As recruiters, we often overlook our social strategy and engagement while wearing the many hat’s we wear on the day to day basis. The reality is, social engagement can be successful in reaching more candidates and clients than traditional marketing. It isn’t about investing vast amounts of money in a social strategy. It is about taking a more strategic approach with the existing free resources we have that will reach the right people at the right time.

Here at Franklin Professional Associates, we have been talking a lot of about the importance of social media. Not only using it as a path to place candidates in roles that might have otherwise never connected, but also as a platform to give back to a community of people that we have been fortunate enough to have helped in the past. We don’t believe the process has to end at a placement – we love to stay in touch with our candidates and to be a contributing factor in their lifelong career growth. For us, social media is one of the greatest ways we can connect with our community. From giving away gift cards to friends/family referrals, to recognizing an Employee of the Month from people we have placed in the past, we feel there is great potential in using social media as a channel to continue building and supporting our network of amazing people.

New jobs, job reports, and industry statistics are hugely important to share with our community, and we see value in adding even more to our social channels that will continue to directly impact our candidates and clients in a meaningful way. We like making connections. And we like those connections to be long-lasting, beyond the interview/placement cycle. This is our strategy, and although it might be a bit different, this is what is setting us apart from the rest.

To us, employing innovative approaches to our social presence and networking opportunities should have purpose. We are seeing the recruiting world change quickly, and social media is a big factor in the shift. Why not use it to make an impact in more people’s lives? As we look ahead at the future of social media and marketing, we wonder – what is your online social presence like? How is your business positioning itself to differentiate as a company?