How to Nail Your First Phone Interview

Going into your first phone interview can definitely be a nerve-wracking experience. You might be asking yourself, is this really as important as an in-person interview would be? The answer is yes! Employers use phone interviews as a quick way to filter out their candidates and get a feel for who they are. That being said, phone interviews essentially act as a first impression to help decide who they want to bring in for an in-person interview. To make sure your first impression is a strong one, start by utilizing these six easy tips in your upcoming phone interview: 


Do your research beforehand. You never want to go into an interview completely unaware of what they do or what position you applied for. The best way to show the employer that you’re genuinely interested is by doing your research and showing throughout the phone call that you’ve educated yourself on their company. You can even craft your questions to them around thoughts that came up while you were researching the company!


Prepare notes. As far as the basic questions that you expect to be asked, don’t be afraid to brainstorm beforehand how you can answer them and jot down some notes. It can help you during the phone call to reference something you wanted to say, and organize your thoughts. Don’t make too long of a list with notes that are too specific, because you’ll just end up confusing yourself and trying to read off your paper throughout the interview. Stick to the essential topics you want to include!


Dress the part. As silly as it sounds, you should be dressed for success while preparing for and during your phone interview. It helps your performance and improves your attitude by making you feel more confident and prepared, as you would in an in-person interview. Dressing your best will also make you feel your best!


Stay standing. Standing up during your phone call helps to exert your energy and put more of your voice into the phone call. It will help you speak more clearly and confidently, and that energy will be transferred to the employer on the other line. Stand up, walk around, and get your energy flowing!


Keep a smile on your face. It may not seem like it, but keeping a smile on your face is crucial to maintaining a positive and clear voice throughout the phone call. Since they can’t see you, your voice is one of the only ways the employer can get a feel for your personality and confidence. Forcing yourself to smile throughout will ensure that you keep a bubbly attitude that the employer will sense on their end!


Send a thank you email. You always want to leave a meaningful impression on who you spoke with, and a simple thank-you can make a huge difference. Try to include a small tidbit of something interesting or funny you may have talked about with them. It will help them to remember you and the conversation, and show thoughtfulness on your part. Regardless of how you think the interview went, always follow up with a brief note!


We hope these tips help you ace your next interview! Remember: you got this!