Upcoming Seminar: Competing For and Keeping Talent

Catch ‘Em & Keep ‘Em

Competing For and Keeping Talent

June 19, 2019   9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Franklin Professional Staffing and MindsetGo are pleased to announce a two-hour seminar on Strategies for Recruiting, Motivating and Retaining Talented Employees as part of their HR & Leadership Series. We have a multigenerational workforce, and it is essential to understand which each generation is expecting from an employer. It is no longer a one size fits all market; employers have to adjust to their employees and focus on talent management.

Studies have shown over 60 percent of job seekers will review Glassdoor and other forms of social media before they agree to a second interview. Web presence and employee reviews are your first sales pitch to a prospective employee.

Are you like the many hiring managers who struggle to find the right candidates? The majority of us have made the mistake of hiring for the sake of hiring and not taking the time to hire the employee that will be the best fit for the organizational culture.

This seminar will discuss solutions and challenges to the following:

  • How do companies sell themselves to a candidate before, during, and after the interview process
  • Develop a culture that will make your present and past employees rave and brag about your organization
  • Learn strategies to uplift your company culture
    Build strategies to implement during the interview process to hire the right employees
  • Understand how to set and communicate your organizations’ core values and priorities
  • Learn the secrets to creating a demand for your organization so that employees are knocking on your door
  • Gain critical insights that explain why potential employees “Ghost” and how to overcome this
  • Develop strategies that use reviews, assessments, internal communication to increase retention
  • Hear about how employers are using the most effective ways of recruiting and managing the “trophy generation”
  • Learn the five critical recruiting KPIs to report to Senior Leadership that will establish your seat at the strategic planning table



Mark Altman (bio)
Founder & Trainer

Melissa Glenny (bio)
Founder & President
Franklin Professional Associates

Josh O’Gara (bio)
O’Gara Financial Services

Seating is limited.

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